Pharmaceutical giant Reckitt contracted FSC to make comprehensive enhancements to their Nottingham production facility. The project’s primary focus was creating an external environment allowing the business to manage its created waste. 

To help Reckitt meet its increased needs, we delivered the following:

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Reinforced Concrete Reckitt Nottingham

Reinforced Concrete Installation – We created a 2000 sqm concrete yard allowing Reckitt the space to create a single-contained waste management environment.

Reckitt Nottingham drainage

Additional Drainage – A new drainage layout, designed and installed to connect to its existing system, including catch pits to avoid waste entering the main sewerage run.

Gabion Baskets Reckitt Nottingham

Gabion Basket Wall – The introduction of gabion baskets creates an external retaining wall to house storage containers.

Reckitt Nottingham electrical

Fencing Installation – We installed metal fencing for increased facility security.

Reckitt Nottingham electrical

Lighting – Erection of additional lighting for nighttime visibility. Power supply around the perimeter fence for machinery installation.


Following improvements at their Nottingham site, the company now benefits from:

Increased operational capacity – The 2000 sqm external concrete yard gives the business the required space to manage its operational waste.

Enhanced Storage- The external concrete yard provides additional storage capabilities.

Greater security – The installed fence allows for enhanced facility security.

Learn more about other completed FSC construction and maintenance work on the projects page.

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