Steve Brown

Having a dedicated work team means that the work always gets done quickly and to a standard that exceeds our clients needs and expectations. Keeping clients happy is the key to a successful business and to keep clients happy you need to have a strong and ambitious team behind you.

Steve Brown


    RICK HOLMES Site Manager

    Rick has been with Food Sector Construction for over 5 years, originally starting out as a subcontractor he joined Food Sector Construction a year later and since then has made his way up to site agent where he has completed multiple successful projects and has become a valued member of the Food Sector Construction team.

    CHRIS WOOD Site Manager

    Chris has been with Food Sector Construction for over 2 years and with 35 years of experience he has a vast range of knowledge and skills which he has gained from a multitude of work before joining Food Sector Construction and has also completed many successful projects while being a key member of the team at Food Sector Construction.

    STEVE REVELL Contracts Manager

    Steve has been with Food Sector Construction since the beginning, having 44 years of experience in construction makes him knowledgeable in many areas including plastering which started him off in his career from when he left school, he has continuously improved on his skills and knowledge and is a key member of management here at Food Sector Construction.

    STEVE BROWN Managing Director

    Steve has been with Food Sector Construction since starting the company back in 2012 following his 33 years of experience in the construction industry. Steve began his career as a joiners labourer, he has worked his way up fulfilling many other roles such as site agent, site manager and contracts manager to ultimately become the managing director of his own company, Food Sector Construction.

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