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Food Sector Construction Ltd.
Company registered in England and Wales No. 08003224.
VAT reg. no. 132 3803 45


Any information given or supplied to Food Sector Construction will not be shared with any 3rd party. Received data will only be used within Food Sector Construction unless agreed otherwise and only for quoting purposes to trusted sub contactors, any information supplied will only be kept as long as deemed necessary. All information provided comes straight through to our email address and is not held anywhere else.

The data captured from filling in the contact us form will be for Food Sector Constructions use only and will not be passed on to any 3rd party unless agreed otherwise and only for quoting purposes to trusted subcontractors. Food Sector Construction will hold quotes on file for as long as deemed necessary and whether our quote is accepted or rejected no information will be passed on to any 3rd party.

By filling in the ‘Contact Us’ form, you are giving consent for Food Sector Construction to hold your data as described above.

If you require any details to be removed and deleted, please use the contact form or please call us on 01472 355454.



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