“Luxury Vinyl Tile” or LVT for short are vinyl tiles or planks that mimic wood, stone or marble. They are becoming increasingly popular in both commercial and domestic settings because of their high-end finish. Moreover, they are efficient, durable, and straightforward to install and clean, so they are ideal for any high-traffic areas. Here are some notable reasons to choose this flooring solution.


Low Maintenance – This solution is straightforward to maintain. A regular sweep and vacuum to remove dust and a once-over with a damp mop and vinyl floor cleaner are all that is required.

Durability – Luxury vinyl flooring is exceptionally durable and will easily withstand heavy footfall in domestic and commercial areas. In addition to this, it is entirely waterproof. 

Cost-Effective – Whilst natural marble, wood and stone are aesthetically pleasing; they also come with a hefty price tag. Luxury vinyl flooring is designed to look like the real thing and is available at a fraction of the cost. Moreover, it is relatively easy to fit, further keeping costs down.

Versatility – Because this solution is durable and waterproof, it is ideal for almost any domestic or commercial environment. In addition to this, it is very soft on foot which also has additional sound reduction benefits. Moreover, it will withstand constant temperature changes, which means it can be installed alongside underfloor heating.

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LVT Flooring Installation

LVT Flooring Installation

LVT Flooring Installation

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