Rubber flooring is a versatile solution that is installed in a variety of different commercial and domestic settings. Not only is this surface durable, resilient and relatively easy to maintain, but it is available in a diverse range of colours and designs to fit the needs of any space.
Here are some key reasons why this surface is worth considering:


Durability – This solution absorbs high impacts and can easily stand high-volume footfall. Moreover, this surface provides more cushioning than other flooring options. This improved comfort reduces fatigue and injuries. This durability makes rubber flooring an excellent long-term investment.

Slip Resistance – Depending on the R- rating, this flooring has a slip resistance that far exceeds many other options. For this reason, gymnasiums commonly use this solution. Furthermore, it also makes an attractive option for nursing homes and healthcare amenities.

Low Maintenance – This option is simple to maintain. Daily vacuums to remove accumulated surface dirt and debris and a minimum weekly mop with water and a mild detergent are all that is required. The use of strong chemicals will permanently damage the surface. The swift clean-up of spills will also maintain the longevity of this variety of flooring.


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Rubber Flooring Installation

Rubber Flooring Installation

Rubber Flooring Installation

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