Top 6 Advantages of Resin Flooring

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Resin flooring is becoming increasingly more popular in both industrial and commercial environments such as food and drinks and pharmaceuticals facilities. There are several advantages of resin flooring and here are 6 reasons your facility should implement this type of flooring system:

The Advantages of Resin Flooring


One of the significant advantages of resin flooring is its hygienic qualities. The surface has a stain-resistant, laminated layer on the top. It is this lamination that makes this flooring solution non-absorbant, non-stickiness and very easy to clean. For this reason, it makes this solution both healthy and hygienic.


Not only is resin flooring chosen for its hygienic qualities, but users choose this surface for safety reasons. For instance, unlike most types of flooring, this one bears an anti-slip layer. This layer prevents injury as well as accidental slipping. In addition to this, it allows for support and friction when walking and moving things around the floor area.


Unlike solutions such as concrete, which will easily scratch and damage resin flooring is abrasive resistant. This characteristic means it will stand up to wear and tear caused by foot and vehicle traffic as well as mechanical equipment. Of course, all floor surfaces will inevitably experience wear and tear. As a result of this quality, it is relatively low-maintenance.


 Without going into a complete science lesson, the chemical bonding of two chemicals creates resin flooring. As a result, the finished product is highly resistant to breakage and more robust than concrete. In brief, the durable qualities of this solution along with abrasion resistance, make it a very hard-wearing surface.


Unlike the majority of flooring solutions, which are permanently damaged if chemicals or hazardous spill onto it, resin flooring does not and is resistant to such accidents. For this reason alone, it is the ideal surface for laboratories.


Last but no means least, resin flooring is very versatile in the way it can look. It is available in various colours, shades, textures and finishes. All of which help tailor this solution to individual needs. Not only this, but it is paintable too. This functionality gives more flexibility when marking out areas for such things as vehicle traffic.


In conclusion, there are several notable advantages of resin flooring for both food production facilities and laboratories and this why we recommend it so highly.  

Here at FSC, we are proud to be able to professionally supply and lay resin flooring to all that require it. With this in mind, if you need a new, hygienic, durable and aesthetically-pleasing floor, contact us for a no-obligation quote. We can realise your business needs.

Complete Hilton Seafoods Grimsby

Resin flooring is durable and can withstand the weight of heavy machinery.

Stainless steel kerbing and pvc wall cladding at a food factory

The hygienic qualities of resin flooring make it the ideal solution for food production environments and the pharmaceutical industry.

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