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International Women’s Day: How We Promote Gender Equality in Construction.

International Women’s Day has become a diary date for both organisations and individuals. Every year the world celebrates the women who play a part in shaping and enhancing their business operations and everyday lives. At Food Sector Construction, we endorse any activity which promotes gender equality in construction.

History tells us that male-dominated industries and occupations like construction are particularly susceptible to reinforcing masculine stereotypes. This practice makes it even more difficult for women to excel. According to a 2019 GMB Union report, only 12.5% of the UK’s construction workforce is female. And as a woman in the industry, I find this a little alarming. Of course, It’s clear progress has been made over the last decade, but it is also vital that this momentum does not plateau. As with any issue that faces our industry, we ask ourselves, what are we doing as a business to promote gender equality in construction?



As part of our commitment to promote women in construction, we have made the following promises:

  • Any woman with relevant experience or skillset who applies for one of our advertised on-site roles receives an interview invite.
  • We guarantee that any female employee is paid the same as their male counterpart in the same role and experience level.
  • As a family-owned business, we do our best to promote family values. We understand childcare or other caretaking duties are an issue for many of our staff regardless of gender. With this in mind, we put flexible working hours in place wherever possible.

We are proud to say that we practice what we preach, and between the construction side of the business and our flooring division, Luduflors, 20% of our entire workforce is female. Furthermore, it is also worth noting that women make up 33% of our senior management team, myself included.

I would be keen to learn how other businesses tackle this issue, not just in construction. Feel free to contact me at

Bharon Brown talks gender equality in construction

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