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Care Home Flooring Installation: Which Surface to Choose

FSC has a rich background in providing carpets and flooring for the residential care industry in the UK. Whether it’s for a new construction, an extension project, a planned replacement, or a complete renovation, we ensure timely delivery for any care home flooring project.

Given the specific requirements of residential care, it is crucial to install appropriate care home flooring surfaces. With our extensive expertise in this sector, we can offer guidance and recommendations to help you make informed choices. We provide fashionable and efficient floors that comply with the latest health and safety guidelines and legislation. When choosing the flooring for your environment, we have identified five key considerations:


The requirements of the end user determine the attributes a floor surface needs, in this instance, residential care facilities. Any environment intended for personal and residential care use should consider the following five requirements.


Perhaps most importantly, selecting a slip-resistant flooring solution is crucial for the success of residential care facilities with client safety at the heart of operations. The prevention of slips falls and subsequent injuries is paramount.


Nursing homes must have a flooring option that is both easy to clean and maintain. The ability to effortlessly wipe away the likes of liquid spills, dropped food and excess dirt is invaluable.


For residential care facilities, a comfortable underfoot experience is ideal for two reasons. Firstly, it ensures the well-being of the residents, visitors, and staff by protecting foot and back fatigue. Secondly, it effectively reduces the noise generated by hallway traffic, thereby creating a peaceful environment for residents, staff and guests alike.


Firstly, it’s worth saying that residential care homes should appear aesthetically pleasing or ‘homely’ for both residents and their guests.


Finally, although this may seem obvious, despite the aesthetic appeal and comfort that carpeted rugs offer, it is undeniable that they can pose a potential risk of tripping and result in trips and falls.



Now, let us explore the choices and materials that display those features and therefore ideal for care home floors. 

Vinyl restaurant flooring

Vinyl Flooring

In recent years, vinyl flooring has become one of the most favoured, if not the most favoured flooring surfaces for care homes in the UK. Its popularity in the industry is largely down to the following reasons: Generally, vinyl flooring is resistant to several things, including slips, stains, mould and liquid. These attributes alone make it perfect for care home environments. Additionally, acoustic vinyl flooring can help with sound reduction, and its shock-absorbing properties help reduce injuries from falls.

Carpet Installation


Carpets and carpet tiles are an ideal flooring solution for care home environments. If you are considering this option, we highly recommend impervious carpet tiles. These tiles offer numerous advantages that make them a superb choice. Their simple installation, easy maintenance, and convenient replacement, coupled with their long-lasting durability and resistance to liquids make them a practical and fashionable solution that will effectively serve your space for many years.

rubber flooring


Rubber flooring is a surface specifically crafted to provide protection, making it an excellent choice for living spaces for those who require personal care. Rubber exhibits exceptional slip resistance, even in wet conditions. Furthermore, it offers a soft and cushioned surface, possessing shock-absorbing properties that effectively safeguard against severe impacts in the event of falls.

commercial resin flooring

Resin Flooring

Although typically used within industrial environments, resin flooring presents a great alternative surface for certain areas within care homes. This surface is non-slip, extremely durable, and available in a plethora of colours. 

Because of its suitability for industrial purposes, resin flooring can easily withstand the constant 24-hour requirements for care homes. Moreover, the epoxy coating becomes a protective barrier against abrasions, foot traffic, and chemical spills, ensuring minimal wear and tear. With a simple sweep and wipe, you can easily remove dirt, dust, and debris, leaving your floors in top condition for many years.

Safety Flooring Installation

Safety Flooring

The clue is on the name so to speak, safety flooring is designed to keep people safe and does so in several ways. Perhaps the most notable feature of this surface is that is anti-slip which reduces the risk of trips, tumbles and falls. Moreover, safety flooring has anti-bacterial properties and it is easy to mop/wipe clean making it an ideal solution for a residential care environment.

Practical aspects aside, vinyl flooring offers, another big advantage in that it can replicate the look of wood and tiles, but it has a lower price point and requires less maintenance making it both an aesthetically and financially appealing solution.

Are You Ready to Begin A New Residential Care Home Flooring Installation Project?

The FSC Flooring division possesses vast expertise in the supply and installation of all the aforementioned flooring surfaces. Our team, who have undergone DBS checks, can guide the most appropriate solution for your specific environment and proceed with the supply and installation accordingly. Feel free to get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation without any obligation.

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