The Benefits of Outsourcing Factory Maintenance

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Factory Maintenance

No matter the degree of their experience, Engineering or Facilities Managers will be well-versed in the importance of scheduled maintenance. These methods improve safety and cut expenditure. Additionally, a planned maintenance program will maximise productivity and workflow. Regardless of the size of your facility, there are several critical benefits to outsourcing your factory maintenance regime to a specialist contractor.

Three Reasons To Outsource Factory Maintenance

Outsourcing is no longer just associated with techy stuff. In fact, many production-based businesses with facilities do just that and take advantage of the strategic benefits. Here are three practical reasons why Engineering & Facilities Managers should consider outsourcing their factory maintenance regime elements:

Greater Flexibility in Uncertain Times

Business needs are constantly changing in the current climate of global pandemics and Brexit (if either is still relevant). In addition, increased hygiene demands and changes in legislation mean support from an external contractor may prove beneficial in keeping top evolving necessities. Moreover, the acquisition of additional in-house staff is both costly and time-sensitive. When considering these factors, outsourcing specific maintenance tasks to remain flexible to any unforeseen chances makes perfect sense.

Remaining Operationally Efficient on a Budget

In these testing times, many businesses are looking to cut costs where necessary leaving those managing facilities to work on ever-tightening budgets. These constraints make finding the balance between an optimised production plant and remaining on budget increasingly tricky.

Generally speaking, in-house engineers have to be generalists, but businesses have access to and specialist talent pool by outsourcing factory maintenance tasks. They can call upon on an ad-hoc basis without the cost of salaries.

Lessening the Administration Workload

Not only does outsourcing factory maintenance reduce costs but also time spent on admin. More often than not, routine maintenance duties come with routine admin jobs. These admin jobs can equate to considerable time, and time is money, as they say. Outsourcing the more technical tasks to an expert on a fixed-contract basis has additional benefits. The use of expert personnel for specific projects eliminates the need to hire or purchase the particular tooling and equipment as they will come with exactly what they need. Subsequently, it also eliminates the extra budget and storage space requirement.

To Outsource or Not To Outsource, That is the Question

It is fair to say that each business is different, and their manufacturing plants, warehousing and distribution facilities have bespoke requirements.

The extent of work required ultimately to those who closely understand the sophisticated needs of the business. 

By examining existing business assets and pitting them against the company’s actual requirements, the equilibrium between in-house maintenance and outsourcing to specialist contractors is found.

When you consider all the variables, contracting out specialist tasks is a valuable option for Engineering and Facilities Managers to have.

Why Choose FSC To Implement Your Factory Maintenance

FSC specialises in construction and maintenance projects within industries where cleanliness is vital. We operate the length and breadth of the UK, and our 24-hour maintenance service means swift reactions should they be needed. Furthermore, our experienced technicians carry out a whole host of services to repair or enhance your hygiene-conscious production facility. If you’re considering outsourcing your factory maintenance regime, contact us today, and we would be happy to assist.

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