The Benefits of Hygienic Wall Cladding

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Hygienic wall cladding panels now feature in most new build and refurbishment projects. This inclusion is especially true where cleanliness plays an essential part in operations such as medical and of course, the food and drinks industry. Manufacturers need more from their wall cladding than ever, with the way things look now playing a critical role in factory and distribution centre design specs.


Cladding is such a broad industry term. It refers to any material attached to the main building structure and acts like ‘skin’, for want of a better word. 

Explicitly engineers for use within settings where cleanliness is vital, hygienic cladding is usually made from PVC and offers a chemical-resistant easy-wipe surface.



There are several reasons for installing hygienic wall panels within food and beverage production and distribution facilities, here are some of the more common ones:


As previously mentioned, hygiene is perhaps the most important reason. The wipe-clean aspects of this surface make it ideal for food prep and distribution areas. It is also a perfect surface for washroom and toilet facilities, making it versatile.

In recent times, developments within wall cladding have come in leaps and bounds. Wall surfaces with antimicrobial properties such as this one from Bio Clad are now available.


As touched on before this particular wall cladding is water and chemical-resistant, further adding to its suitability within the food and drink sector.

In addition to this, PVC-based wall cladding is fire retardant and therefore slows down the spread of fire.


Wall cladding is long-lasting and impact-resistant, making it very durable. Durability alone is a decent reason to invest in hygienic wall cladding. This solution stands the test of time and defeats the need for replacement and replacement and repair of tiles and the associated costs. Pay once for installation and reap the benefits.


Traditionally, tiling has been the more popular wall surface. Although comparable in cost, tiling is more time-consuming. The Hygenic PVC-based wall cladding eliminates the need for grout, which can discolour and is known to harbour bacteria.


Wall cladding panels can be installed swiftly and efficiently by our team of skilled fitters. As touched on above, these panels take considerably less time to install than options such as tiling and reducing facility downtime.


Hygienic cladding is available in a whole host of colours and finishes. In addition to that, it is customisable and printable, giving you the ability to have a fully bespoke surface. The custom nature of the product allows the printing of any image or design or matching corporate branding easily. Bespoke wall cladding can make a clear statement in any environment.


To discuss how Hygienic Wall Cladding can work within your business, contact us today or call 01472 355454.

Food Sector Construction staff installing hygienic walls
Hygienic wall cladding at the Toilet facilites at Cranswick Foods, Hull

PVC cladding provides an ideal way of maintaining a hygienic environment.

The design possibilities with PVC-based wall cladding is truly endless. Businesses can use this material for sanitation as well a way to improve the interior building design or to deliver important information.

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