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Carrying out any endeavour, no matter the purpose, takes its toll on both the body and the mind. For this reason, break rooms are becoming a fundamental part of many businesses, particularly in stressful production environments. Creating distinct zones for your workforce to enjoy some or all of their break time is a strategic move that benefits the business and staff. Aside from a space where employees can enjoy eating lunch or sitting down with a cuppa, it also reflects your companys investment in its team.

The question of what value is there in refurbishing or installing a new breakroom environment pops up from time to time. Here are three reasons your business should consider modern break room facilities for your team.


Time to take a step back from work issues can create a more social atmosphere amongst colleagues. The chance for co-workers to speak about common interests, current events, family or even the weather is a great chance to build a better rapport. Better working relationships lead to more harmony in the workplace and loyalty to the business. Mind Tools state that “When you have a rapport with someone, you are better placed to influence, learn and teach, particularly as the trust that you have built up means other people are more likely to accept your ideas, share information, and to create opportunities together”.

Increased Productivity

Fundamentally, the point of a break room is exactly that, to take a break and temporarily change focus from work tasks. Although, this appears a little counterproductive it’s quite the opposite. This idea is backed up by many, including The Wellbeing Thesis which suggests that “taking regular breaks you can boost your performance”.

Establishing a Great Company Culture

The aesthetics of a staff break room can speak volumes about company culture. For example, staff from a company with contemporary break room facilities may feel that their employers care about their happiness and well-being in addition to their quality of work. In contrast, those who work for businesses with basic and outdated staff facilities may feel inclined to feel that their happiness and well-being are secondary concerns to the quality of their work.

As previously mentioned, break room facilities enables relationships between employees. As a consequence, this means different departments across the company can interact and not just ones who might regularly see each other. In the long run, it is fair to say that a harmonious and collaborative atmosphere in the workplace plays a significant role in the successful running of a business.

Create Modern Staff Break Rooms For Your Business

FSC can work with you to design and install new modern staff break room facilities based on your business requirements and workforce needs. Moreover, we can help you repurpose and refurbish your existing buildings to create the ideal environment for your staff.

Are you in need of more assistance? Discover more about FSC and how we can help your business progress. Alternatively, you can contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

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