The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic lead to increased demand for hygienic surfaces throughout the workplace. Grimsby Town Football Club is no exception to this.

The football club required an upgrade to the player’s tunnel environment to help prevent the spread of the virus. Furthermore, there was an additional need to improve the wall surface in the vicinity to support the club in maintaining an environment fit for professional sports.

What We did for Grimsby town

Safety Flooring Installation – We ripped up the existing flooring and installed new Altro safety flooring, which is the most suitable solution because: 

Safety – This solution was designed and tested to be appropriate for a plethora of environments. The non-slip finish of the surface aims to prevent accidents, especially with football studs on a match day.

Hygienic – Because safety does not absorb dirt or liquids, it is much easier to clean than other flooring solutions.

Durable – Safety flooring withstands heavy foot traffic. The surface will not crack or chip under stress. Again, this is ideal on a match day with football studs.

Our Domestic & Commercial flooring division carried out this portion of the project.

Hygienic Wall Cladding Installation

We applied a new printed hygienic wall surface to the existing wall. Altro Whiterock made up the majority of the new wall surface. In addition, we added black skirting to the bottom of the panels to add a clean finish whilst remaining in the club’s iconic black and white colour scheme. 

Moreover, two feature walls complete the design. The inspiration for feature walls is the football club’s greatest asset, its fans. 

Project Benefits

The upgrade to the tunnel environment allows Grimsby Town Football Club to benefit from:

Improved Hygiene – The new flooring and wall cladding are easier to clean. As a result, this benefit significantly reduces the risk of contamination.

Optimised Working Environment –  The football club can now benefit from an environment suitable for professional athletes. Moreover, a more inspiring environment is intended to improve the morale of the playing staff and improve their on-field performance.

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Hygienic Wall Cladding In Grimsby Town Players Tunnel

Hygienic Wall Cladding In Grimsby Town Players Tunnel

Hygienic Wall Cladding In Grimsby Town Players Tunnel

Hygienic Wall cladding Mural at Grimsby Town FC

Hygienic Wall cladding Mural at Grimsby Town FC

Welcome to Grimsby Town Football Club

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