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FSC has the skills and experience to design and build your pet food industry construction project. The pet food industry has evolved over recent years, and Consumer trends in the human food and beverage market have filtered down to the pet food market. As a result, pet owners now expect more nutritious and varied foods for their animal companions.

Consequently, the same considerations that create human food and beverage facilities now play an essential role in creating pet food factories. Modern pet food manufacturing plants should be temperature controlled, hygiene conscious and have an optimised factory layout for a linear flow. Our team collaborate with you to create a facility to meet and exceed your operational expectations.

pet food factory construction


FSC has substantial experience in construction projects within the food and beverage sector. We deliver design and construction services, including developing new manufacturing facilities and updating and extending existing ones. Our services include:  

  • Mechanical and electrical installation and upgrades
  • Packaging installation and upgrades
  • Utility infrastructure upgrades.

Moreover, our team carry out extensive industrial maintenance services to repair damaged apparatus and infrastructure. Please find out more about how FSC assists your pet food manufacturing business, and contact us today.

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