E-fish-ent Seafood Industry Construction Services

At FSC, we know that hygiene and temperature are at the heart of any seafood processing businesses operations. We understand that product preservation is paramount and the necessary standards required to achieve this. Moreover, we offer our clients solutions to optimise operational processes.

FSC has worked with some of the UK’s leading seafood processors. Our industry knowledge covers both frozen and live seafood and packaged products ready for distribution.


Seafood industry construction representation
Seafood industry construction


We offer comprehensive design services to create optimised production facilities. Furthermore, our construction services include creating new seafood manufacturing facilities and extending current ones. In addition, our construction experience extends to internal works, including:

  • Mechanical and electrical installation & enhancement
  • Packaging installation and upgrades
  • Utility infrastructure upgrades

Furthermore, we deliver thorough industrial maintenance services to maintain and repair your production facility. Contact us today to learn how your seafood production business can benefit from the assistance of FSC.

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