Food Sector Construction provides all aspects of reinforced concrete works for construction and maintenance purposes. We are experts in the installation of it in a variety of circumstances ranging from factory flooring to external yard work.

Furthermore, we tailor our service to suit our client’s requirements. For example, we can provide anything from full labour and materials to a labour-only contract.

We have extensive experience in the implementation of reinforced concrete floors in both commercial and industrial environments. For this reason, we can apply a wide range of floor finishes, including brush, polished, power float, tramp and trowel. Because of the diverse needs of each setting, our team can advise on the ideal finish for your project.

Our Services Include:

  • Retaining  Concrete Walls
  • Structural Concrete Walls
  • Internal Floor Slabs
  • External Yard Slabs
  • Tank base design and install
Hosepipe delivering reinforced concrete.

Concrete is used to ensure your concrete flooring remains resistant to damage such as cracking, bending, or the ravages of time.

Reinforced concrete ramp

This variety of concrete has higher tensile strength than that of regular concrete. Also, more durable with greater compression strength. Any stress placed on the concrete transfers to the steel rods and means it can carry much more weight than regular concrete.

brushed Concrete works around a drain

Concrete can be installed with a number of different finishes dependant on customer requirement.

Reinforced concrete tank base

We design and install tank bases to suit client needs.

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